We Are A Creative
Husband & Wife Duo

located in Lubbock, Texas

If You Can Imagine It, We Can Do It

As partners in business and life, we understand the essence of communication.

Managed Services

We offer managed website and marketing solutions.

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Case Studies

Explore our latest web designs and digital marketingcontent.

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We'd love to share our passion for design with you. Let's collaborate!

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The Power

This husband & wife duo makes the perfect pair in business and life.

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Our Story

ELO. is the result of two creative minds colliding to strategically solve digital communications.

After thoughtful investigation, we were able to gain a unique perspective on the issues business owners experience with their websites and web designers.

Simply stated, we found there is a desperate need for better communication from website managers.


Holistically foster superior methodologies without market-driven best practices.


The Power of Design

We truly believe in the influential impact of quality content to affect — and infect — the habits, choices, thoughts and ideas that people associate with a brand.


Our Clients

Working with companies of various sizes in multiple industries, we've helped new businesses establish their image while reinforcing existing brands.


What They're Saying

"Mrs. Wuthrich is professional, caring, and took the time to really work with me and help me understand the process. It was absolutely wonderful working with her."

about us

ELO. is Born

As a result, we give you ELO. - managed website and digital marketing services.

We are set out to revamp the way businesses use their website.

By combining Logan’s 10 years’ experience in the IT industry, and Erin’s education in marketing and PR, we are determined to deliver quality digital marketing services that make your first impression unforgettable!

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We Are Digital Thinkers

After all, we did meet on Tinder...

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Some Of Our Clients

As partners in business and life, we understand the essence of communication.

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