As the beginning of the year kicks off, many perform the same ritual of setting both personal and business goals. One of the primary topics of focus for many businesses, big and small, is a marketing strategy for the new year. In relation to increasing profits, most are brainstorming to craft that unique and innovative marketing idea.

While I’m all for the bold ad campaign that takes your company to new heights, let’s not forget about the basics. I’m suggesting we simply take advantage of the many opportunities that arise throughout each year. Pay special attention to the calendar and plan ahead for seasonal or holiday promotions specific to your industry. Below are a few examples of how specific industries can take advantage of promotional opportunities that occur every year.

Days / Hours

Any business that operates by appointment has the potential to take advantage of days and hours outside of the standard ‘workday.’ Most Americans still work 8 to 5, Monday through Friday,and are unable to take off work for a dentist appointment. Set yourself apart from other businesses by staying open till 8pm or offer Saturday appointments.The proceeds earned from these extra hours will most likely allow you to close on Fridays.


Be aware of how your industry aligns with the seasons. For example, photographers, florists and venues should market their services knowing that summer is the hot time (pun intended) for weddings. On the other hand, a counselor might advertise themselves more heavily in the winter as the holidays approach.


Some other dates to take notice of are prom and graduation. Many businesses, like hairdressers, makeup artists and seamstresses, can benefit from these huge events. But just like hotels are guaranteed to book up, restaurants have that same potential by offering specials for reservations.


Some of the more obvious selling points in a year include holidays. While some holidays are more appropriate for specific industries than others, every business can utilize at least one holiday a year. Black Friday is a prime example. Anybody and everybody can develop a campaign centered around Black Friday. On the other hand, the more industry- specific you get, the more likely you are to succeed.

For example, a massage therapist can promote their business leading up to Valentine’s Day far easier than a technology company could. The technology company may take advantage of the New Year instead as the continuous technological advancements never end. Take a look at this year’s calendar and see how creative you can be.

My final advance is to begin promoting your deals and sales well in advance (1 month at least). Be the trend setter and not a pack follower.Go to where your specific audience is whether it’s social media trade shows and conventions,or schools. Be proactive about finding unique ways to generate sales.

I hope this article helps motivate you to take on the new year! If you have any questions or would like some help getting your next marketing campaign off the ground, shoot me an email at or visit my website to learn more.


Erin Wuthrich

My mission is to help businesses grow by making the best design choices. Every. Single. Day.