Contemplating whether you should pay for your web design in full or a smaller monthly rate? We’ll lay out the details of both options so you can make the best educated decision for your situation.

The cost of a web design can range from a couple hundred to several thousands of dollars depending on the scale of the project. ELO.’s website builds start at $1500 and increases based on other needs, costs and time put into the build. On the other hand, our managed services include website maintenance, hosting and updates, while allowing you to pay out the design costs overtime.

Now we face the real dilemma. “Won’t I save money in the long run if I just pay the $1500 now?” Yes, you probably will spend less by paying for your design. But you also have to factor in your hosting fees, designer’s editing rate and the fact that Google ranks dynamic websites higher.


Website hosting costs range from $3 to $55 per month. Keep in mind not all hosts are the same.


Whether your eCommerce site needs weekly updates, or your traditional site rarely needs changing, you are likely to need an edit done at some point. Maybe you’ve hired new staff, you’ve changed your pricing or services, or you simply just need a new look. ELO. charges $75 per hour for website editing services.


By paying monthly for website maintenance, ELO. grants you a minimum of 1.5 hours editing services. You can simply say, “Boost my SEO,” and we’ll take the time to reconfigure the back-end of your website. By regularly updating your website and on-page SEO, Google will not only rank your business listing higher, you also have better opportunity to be discovered by new audiences.

When it's all said and done, we will do whatever you want. If your budget and time availability allow you to manage your website yourself, we will set up your website on the platform of your choice and train you on how to make edits.

If you prefer a hands-off experience in which we take care of everything for you, ELO. will gladly develop a managed services plan that fits your specific needs.

We hope this segment provides a more informed perspective on whether a basic website set up or managed services is for you. For more information please email us at


Erin Wuthrich

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