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The Client

Serving the people and families of Rockwall and surrounding areas since 1982, Dr. Robert Allen, DDS, offers various services in general dentistry and orthodontic treatment. Rockwall Gentle Dental strives to deliver honest treatment recommendations at reasonable fees.

The Challenge

The client expressed frustrations with not being able to contact his website provider for updates when needed. Dr. Robert Allen, DDS, offers an orthodontic class to new general dentists and often needs patients to come in on Saturdays to assist in teaching his students. A special discount is offered to those patients who volunteer to be a subject of his class. The client needs to display this special discount several times throughout every year.

The Solution

After speaking with multiple individuals about their website frustrations, I kept hearing the same story over and over - “The website builder built my site, then disappeared. I haven’t been able to get a hold of them since.” I believe if you’re paying a monthly management fee, then I am at your service 24/7. Therefore, I began implementing monthly email updates with analytics reports. I send these updates to each of my clients that host a website through me on the 1st of every month. The analytics display the website’s traffic and acquisition for the previous month. I also include a message that reminds the client how to contact me for a website update at any time.

Because Dr. Allen needs frequent updates to highlight specials and new doctors coming to his practice, I designed a dynamic header for the Rockwall Gentle Dental website. This header has an automated slider in which the most recent news is displayed. I can reorder the slides and manipulate the timing to ensure the most relevant news is the first thing viewers see when they visit the website.


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